Thursday, October 30


My official hair measurements: 9 1/2",2" from front eddy/ 7" ,2" up from nape. I will be starting the Mega-tek tonight. I will start off using it straight, applied to just my scalp. I also plan to use it to help grow out my nails.
I intend to keep my hair in protective styles for the next few weeks: braided with a silk scarf (30%), keeping it braided and wearing a half cap with a scarf to cover my braided front(50%) or unbraiding just the front and wearing a half cap(20%).

Monday, October 27

17 weeks post relaxer

Today I deep conditioned with Mizani Kerafuse enhanced with silk amino acids and Castor oil. It seemed my hair was shedding, but I wasn't sure why. Was it due to 2 hair textures, lack of protein, lack of moisture, over manipulation, or change of the seasons?
Anyways, after being counseled by my sister(the hair professional), I was advised to do the Kerafuse and most definitely increase my moisture with water and some type of oil seal on a daily basis also. So I deep conditioned with the Kerafuse, sealed with Castor oil and braided in 9 large plaits with rollers on the ends. I sat under the dryer for about 1 1/2 hours total, but not consecutively. I can let it air dry the rest of the way. I had minimum shedding during the combout.
I continue to be amazed by the texture of my new growth. I simply can hardly wait for more length and to do the big BC.

Monday, October 20

More than I bargained for

This transitioning is quite a challenge for me, mainly due to that I am not accustomed to doing something time consuming to my hair on a daily basis. I previously was a half-cap, ponytail or bun kind of girl.
At over 16 weeks post relaxer, I need to do something on a daily basis. And when I say something, I mean over 15 minutes of least. I did a roller set last week, which came out horrible. I don't know how to do to stretch out the new growth on the roller. So I reverted back to the curly half-cap with a scarf covering the front.
However, I have done the Moe Grow oil at least every other night. I tried to remeasure to compare lengths , but it is hard to tell if it is the exact same spot. Next time my hair is loose, I plan to measure 2 inches back from my eddy and 2 inches from my nape and use that from now on.
This week, to manage my hair, I have dampened it after applying the Moe Grow and pulled it into a bun. Then I apply some S Curl 360 Style pomade to my edges and tie it down with a silk scarf. In the morning, I have some noticeable waves and it is smooth. After applying some coconut oil, I pop in my ponytail and I am ready for work.

Sunday, October 5

Week 14

Well, I decided I needed some of the relaxed hair off my head!!! My haircare professional blow dried & flat ironed my hair in order to cut it on 9/11. I now have a chin length layered bob, much more manageable. I really cannot wait until I can see my natural texture more and just get rid of the permed ends.

Last week, I did a DC then a roller set. It was cute for 2 days... and required re-rolling at night. I am not accustomed to nightly maintenance with my hair, so this is a big struggle for me. After the second day, I just did half caps with outfit matching scarves tied over the front. Today I managed to pull it all back and wore a matching wavy ponytail pinned up into a bun.

Have you all heard of the MoeGrow oil formula, I got it off and her personal fotki. It is supposed to increase your hair growth. It is dried horsetail steeped in oil for 3 days and then aloe vera added. It is also important to massge the oil into the scalp with the fingerpads. My first usage was 9/25, I have oiled my scalp with this three times this past week. I didn't start the actual measuring until 10/2; on 10/2 the front measured at 8.5, the back 6.5.
I am now off to DC with some EVOO, almond oil, & EOs rosemary, clary sage & cedar, then another rollerset...