Thursday, April 23

Random hair thoughts

So I am nine months into this and I am always running my fingers thru my new growth. I am so tempted to BC but I am trying to wait until I have enough length...enough length for what I'm not 100% percent sure yet LOL. I would prefer to be able to at least pull all my hair back into a bun/pony.

I absolutely love my texture...right now. I do have concerns about my texture appearance once I BC...will it curl up, coil up, kink up or just hang there.

Then the hair comments I already get, which I know will only increase and become more vocal once the BC is done. "Your edges are kind of rough", "Hey nappy", "I hope your hair won't look like ____(someone else natural whose hair ALWAYS looks dry) like you just rolled out of the bed & came to work".

1 comment:

  1. Who says "Hey Nappy." lol That's funny!!! And I do hope you keep yourself moisturized!!!!!! Say names!!! KEEP IS REAL!!! ;-)