Saturday, May 2

Wash day

Ok, so I haven't washed my hair in almost 2 weeks, I did rewet it with distilled water in a cheat attempt to decrease the volume...I have been wearing my kinky/ wavy half-caps with my front out since it matched from my bantu knots.

Today was really hectic and quite a few spontaneous things happened and I really wanted to wait until tomorrow, but tomorrow may be worse, so I am going to just do it this evening.

Sadly I didn't have a chance to pre-poo, I shampooed with Giovanni 50/50. For my DC, I used my Joico Balm(still love it!), EVOO & rosemary EO with heat for 30 minutes. My leave-in was Giovanni Direct and I sealed with castor oil.

I placed my hair in bantu knots to airdry over night and called it a day. Sometimes this hair stuff takes JUST TOO MUCH TIME!

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