Monday, July 27

Trying to stretch it out....

Ok, my hair length is great, but it shrinks up so much I am uncomfortable at times wearing my fro. So I was thinking what could I do to stretch it out some without straightening....and I remembered a post on LHCF about using the blowdryer on the hair while stretching out the hair( I think it was Pinkskates) & keeping the dryer moving up & down the length of the hair. So, I did something similar but on cool setting mostly and only partially drying my hair, completely avoiding my ends. So here are the steps I did:
  1. Prepoo with Ojon with heat 30 minutes.
  2. Shampoo with Ojon Mositurizing Poo(sulfate free).
  3. DC with my Joico!
  4. HE Breaks over for the combout, sealed with castor oil.
  5. Used the blowdry on cool & warm setting while stretching hair, holdings the ends to avoid drying out.
  6. Put a roller on each section immediately after.
  7. Airdry overnight.

I don't know what I will do with it in the morning, depends on how it looks! That's it...update tomorrow. I know, I know, pics too!

PS: I love what this technique did to my hair! My fro is longer & fluffy!! Even my hubbie kept touching it!

Wednesday, July 15

Almost 2 weeks since my BC....

It will be two weeks tomorrow since my BC; I still have not wore my natural hair alone to work, I'm just not ready. On my last wash day, I twisted it into about 24 sections and I have been wearing my half cap to work with a matching scarf. Other than work, I have been wearing a coordinating silk scarf whenever I have gone anywhere. I guess this is an unplanned protective styling 2 weeks....

Sunday, July 5

Kind of at a loss of what to do

Since my BC, I have been kind of at a loss for what to do with my hair. I know it takes time to find out what works for your hair, I know I have to work thru this....and yes, I know my hair will grow out & become longer and not shrink up into nothingness forever.

Friday evening, I did a quick co-wash and tried my transitioning staple, Bantu knots....much harder to do with shorter hair, I had to pin the majority of my knots. I also had a bunch of straight hairs which I clipped during the process. I kind of liked the look, but I definitely need to find something to help with the hold & the shine.

This evening, I co-washed with V05 Peaches & Cream, then DC with Coconut Oil & Joico Moisture Balm with 30 minutes of heat. I used Giovanni Direct Leave-In & Pantene R&N Conditioner for the comb out.

I must say it is so nice to be able to comb my hair without tangles & puny relaxed ends needing extra TLC!!! I still have a bunch of renegade relaxed ends, I am just snipping them when I see them.

I decided to try braiding tonight, but I did the front row in twists, since I plan on wearing my half cap. I added Giovanni LA gel to the front twists to see how that works. My twists or braids ends don't just curl under...I wonder is it due to my remaining unsnipped straggly relaxed ends, I hope so. My twists from Thurs. were frizzed out the next day, but I didn't really use any holding product on them. I'll report my results tomorrow.

PS - The twists seemed more defined, however one of the front braids was not dry...but off to work I had to go, so it kind of frizzed up immediately. I blended in the front with my curly half cap and whoop there it is....

Friday, July 3

I did the BC!

I did the BC on 7/2 !!! All natural in da house!!!

Wednesday, July 1


Ok, I am getting excited about my BC....TOMORROW!!! I can hardly wait to see what my hair will do without the weak limp relaxed ends.
I have been wearing my hair with either the front out & loose with my natural look half cap or pulled back up into a kinky ponytail; either style showcases my waves, curls, kinks....I have had many comments about my hair, most are positive. It seems non-Black people have no problems with it, many say it is so beautiful and that I should stop wearing headbands and just let it be free, LOL; I usually wear a silk scarf that matches my clothing as a headband if my hair is not up.