Sunday, December 13

Straightened my hair....

So I don't what happened but I got this electric straightening comb from Sally's & I decided to try it out on my hair. And NO! My hair was not prepped for a straightening episode, I was in twists with castor oil. I initially intended to just do a few of my twists to satisfy my curiosity...I put some Ultrasheen Creme press on the sections as I went....the process was so simple, the comb glided thru my hair, my hair was so silky, I had done half of my head before I knew it.

So I did my whole head & here are my results. I was pleasantly surprised by the thickness & length. Had to do the ponytails for fun!


  1. Hello! I was wondering, at what temperature (Fahrenheit or Celcius) do you use your hot comb? I recently bought one at the Sally Beauty shop, but have been afraid to use it on my hair... Thank you in advance! You look beautiful!!! :)

  2. Hello fullservice & thank you! I use the comb at 350F...I am afraid to go higher & it gets the job done at that temperature.