Sunday, January 10

Hair regimen this week & updo

I am undecided what to do with my hair this week, but I am off on Monday, so I have an extra day to figure it out. I did decide to do the coconut lime treatment again today.

I refrigerated my can of coconut milk overnight, so the good stuff would solidify & it would be uberthick. I added a tsp of lime juice, stirred it up & let it come back to room temperature before applying. This stuff is so rich & creamy, I started to think of what else it would be for, maybe some kind of leave in(without the lime juice of course). I sat under my hair dryer for 30 minutes with this on.

I shampooed with hair rules cleansing cream & DC with Joico Moisture Balm(one of my absolute favs!) with heat for 20 minutes.

I used Giovanni Direct leave-in & sealed with Castor oil, I just a plastic bag until I decided what I wanted to do. I finally decided to blow dry about 75% with it stretched out, completely avoiding my ends. I then, placed rollers in air dry the rest of the way overnight.

I decided to do updos this week.....Day 1 french roll.

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