Tuesday, February 9

Got weave checked today!

So today was second day with the knot out. I wore a scarf that coordinated with my outfit.
Two of my co-workers came by & said my hair looked so nice & full. One of them(always in a wig) said that's not your hair. I said yes it is, she said again no it is not, I should pull it to see and PROCEEDED TO LIGHTLY TUG AT MY HAIR....then she apologizes Oh I am so sorry, I really did not believe that it was your hair. I really could not believe she did that! If she wasn't an older lady, I suppose I would have have handled differently, even though at her age she really knows better than to tug at someones hair....

The other co-worker said she wanted to get rid of her perm, but always failed after a few months due to excessive breaking. She then began asking for transition tips once I told her I was perm free and how I had transitioned for a year before doing my BC, so I was supportive to her.

Here is my hair today:
I am so happy to have another style besides twists!!

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