Wednesday, April 21

Broken camera & fab twistout!

My hair has felt so moisturized & soft, I think I luv this Ouidad conditioner!!
Usually with a twistout I wind up re-twisting in various spots to maintain it for the work week. This time, I haven't done one thing to it & it is holding true & still moisturized. At night, I just pulled it up into a high ponytail and tied with a silk scarf.
I plan to order to order one this week or next....gotta research features.

Sunday, April 18

Hair Regimen: Trying out Ouidad Conditioner today

I received a Ouidad Deep Treatment Conditioner sample awhile back & never used it, so I decided today was the day. I'm not really sure what I am going to do to my yet, but I'm sure my hair will tell me along the way :)

  • Shampooed with Giovanni 50/50.
  • Applied Ouidad DT Conditioner, sat under heat cap for 30 minutes(as per instructions). The instructions also say to add a conditioning rinse to hair before rinsing out, then rinse out with cool water, but allow a little coating to remain. The tx is more effective when allowed to penetrate for 48 hours.
  • I think my hair likes this conditioner, I got a bunch of coils popping already.

  • Applied Loreal Smoothing Conditioner on top, waited 3 minutes & did a cool rinse.
  • Giovanni Direct leave-in (I want to find another leave in option.....)
  • Mixed Castor oil & avocado oil together & used to seal.
  • Put in 11 chunky twists to section off and manage in smaller sections.
  • Decided to blow dry 50% and then do chunky twists.
  • Plan to rock my twist out all week.

Saturday, April 10

Protective Styling

I am doing protective styling for last week & the upcoming week. It is so nice to have a nice term for wearing my half-cap LOL.
I am sporting my 4A 1b/30 curly half-cap with a coordinating scarf/headband. Most people think it is my natural hair; of course the other naturals know my 4B/4A hair would be next to impossible to be looking so uniform & spiraly.

Saturday, April 3

My first Wash & Go

This was my first attempt of a W&G style for outside of the house. It was great....for one day. I did not like the way my hair felt the next AT ALL! If I were a daily cowasher, I suppose that would be OK....but I am not. I definitely had to do my hair the next day, I did a moisture deep conditioner afterwards & put my hair into twists.