Saturday, May 29

Henna time!

I have been thinking of applying henna to my hair for several reasons:
  1. to cover my ever increasing numbers of grays without chemicals
  2. to strengthen & condition hair
  3. to possibly add some bling bling

I am leaning towards neutral henna, AKA cassia obovata, as I don't really want my hair with any red sheen stuff going on since I already have some highlights.

After much consideration I decided to go with the Surya Henna in Neutral which I purchased from iherb

If you have ever done henna, YOU KNOW IT IS SO MESSY!!! I haven't done a henna on my hair in about 20 years or so, so I had no recollection of the process. DID I SAY IT WAS MESSY? So anyways, I followed the package instructions, it came with honey & gloves. I mixed it up, applied it to my hair, wrapped my hair in plastic & sat under the heat cap for 30 minutes.

I was dreading rinsing this stuff out....I actually rinsed the majority of it out outside. I then applied cholesterol DC with heat. When I rinsed it out....I gotta say MY COILS WERE MORE DEFINED!!! But it not was completely rinsed out, stuff was flaking out of my hair!! So I rinsed some more & some more & some more! Finally got the water to run completely clear for several minutes!! This henna is something else to work with, but I am impressed with the results thus far! I can't say when I will do it again, I may try the henna creme I have seen to see if it is any easier.



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