Saturday, July 24

Combing out my twistout

Normally when I have a twistout I really don't touch it much other than arranging the ends so nothing is sticking out really crazy.  However, my texture was such with the Set It free, that I took a chance & fingercombed my hair out to make it bigger :)
So I lightly spritzed the ends with rosewater & after fingercombing it to loosen the twist pattern, I did about 6 chunky twists to prevent it from curling back up on itself.  In the morning, I pulled the top half back with an EZ Comb & tucked it under, I left the back out.  I kind of like it, what do you think ladies?


  1. I think it looks very beautiful. It's very full and lays down nicely. Great job!

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! I am salivating over your gorgeous head of natural hair. Just PURE AWESOME.