Monday, February 28

This Week's Regimen

I have so many hair products in my bins!! But I want to buy new I promised myself if I use up some of the things I already have I can buy new stuff
  • So for my deep conditioning, I mixed several nearing empty deep conditioners together, added some EVOO, stirred & used that. 
  • For my leave-in: Alba Botanica Leave-In Conditioner
  • Sealed with castor oil
  • Blowdried my hair in sections & twisted with DevaCurl Set It Free
  • I secured the roots with hair pins & let it dry overnight
  • Here are this weeks results

My front is always looser, always the first area to loose the texture...I don't know if this is due to daily headband wear previously or just my natural texture.  I was trying to avoid wearing a headband or scarf for the last few months to see if I noticed any difference.  Do any of you ladies experience this issue?


  1. how to you like the alba leave in? Have you ever used it to air dry your hair? If so, does it feel moisturized after it's dry? I'm using the giovanni leave in and I like it as a moisturizer but as a leave in, it leaves my hair crunchy afterwards.

  2. My front is looser also I have to make sure I have more holding product like a gel or shea butter in the front because it does lose its definition. I also req twist or braid at night? Do you always blow your hair out before twists and braid outs? If so does it feel like it' dry's your hair out?

  3. Chan, I have been blowdrying my hair 75% dry before twisting since the cold weather set in. Otherwise it was never dry by the morning. I don't feel it has impacted my hair's dryness at all, I use the mid-heat setting.

  4. The Alba is just ok, I prefer the BWC leave-in. As long as I seal my hair, either works fine.