Sunday, April 10

85 Degrees Today!

So it was so beautiful today!! At 8am this morning, it was already a perfect day, about 72, sunny & breezy...perfect for sitting outside, sipping on my morning brew and contemplating life.
This past week, I had blowdried my hair & twisted with DevaCurl Set It Free on Sunday, but Monday was so humid, I didn't even take it down because I knew it was just be frizz capital.  I decided to just wear my old stand by half cap; it has been many months since I last wore one.  Anyways, one day wearing the half cap turned into the entire week, not really sure what happened there LOL. 
I finally took it down was kind of frizzy, but I could care less today!


  1. 85 degrees lucky! lol..... Love your hair very pretty!

  2. Thanks Kira! Now it is back to 35 & snowing LOL!