Thursday, June 30

The men in your life & your natural hair....

So I know some women who take a lot of heat from their DH, boyfriend, siblings & other important males in their life when they decide to go the natural hair route.  It seems to be even rougher for those of us with hair that is more kinky than curly.  When we really need the support & the positivity, we sometimes just don't get it from the males closest to us.  Oddly enough, strangers provide the positivity.  But now it seems, that maybe, as we continue to proudly rock our hair, our men become accustomed to it...the more resistant men even reach a point of no resistance.....
That being said, my DH never was unsupportive of my hair transition, I knew he preferred my hair straight, but he never said too much negative stuff, just some odd looks here and there.  He didn't like the wash & go look, but other than that the most he would say is "So how do you want your hair to look like when you reach your goal?" .....He would play with my hair sometimes initially, now he's always touching my hair.
Getting to my point now....Saturday was our wedding anniversary and we had dinner reservations.  My hair was right at being a hot mess on Friday, so I had planned to wash, blowdry & twist it Saturday morning instead of my normal Sunday, for a twistout saturday evening.  So I got up Saturday morning, slapped a bunch of conditioner on my hair & put a head band on while I ran errands. When I returned home, DH announces we have to go out for breakfast & then we can hit the Outlet Mall. 
At this point this was my hair:

I was like really? do you see my hair?  He stated my hair was fine. I was really stunned by his response, or I guess lack of a response!  So I pulled out a matching headband & off I went.   Apparently my DH has become accustomed to my natural hair, in even it's shrunken state. 
Guess beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.


  1. lol cute story! :-) Give me hope!!

  2. Aww, Cant wait to find someone who loves my hair lol :)

  3. Thanks Yvonyvj! & there is always hope!

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