Tuesday, April 24


So I have been looking at the Wen demo forever! On QVC, on the infomercial....yep seems like forever LOL During our cold winter, I decided I would give it a try this spring, when the temps are warmer and my hair dries faster. So when I saw the special of the day last week on QVC was Wen, I jumped on it, got the Fig YEA! My week is crazy this week, so I probably won't get to try it out until the weekend. Did anyone else get the Wen special?


  1. so did you continue to use the Wen? I've always wondered about that my self. And the bottles seem so small.. I figured I would only get one session of of the bottles.

  2. no, i used it twice, wasn't impressed at all so i returned it....there was an ample supply in the bottle sizes i received, i really didn't notice any difference in my hair