Saturday, June 1

Hair update

Hello all! Thought I share some hair updates before I color my hair....getting some summer fever and want some lighter hair, some highlights. This is my hair today, a two week old twistout on a humid summer day....but I love my hair anyways!

Monday, September 3

Sugarpie Cafe - my newest obsession

So sorry to my followers for not updating my hair blog as of late, I am trying to catch up and post more updates in the very near future. The reason for my absence is I have launched a business, Sugarpie Cafe, a food truck! This has taken almost all of my time the last 6-9 months. If you have a chance check out my website: I am also on Facebook & Twitter @sugarpiecafe! Anyways I promise more hair updates Coming soon!

Friday, July 6

Wen returned!

So I used the Wen for two weeks, wasn't impressed at all, so it was returned. I really liked the Fig smell. I really wanted it to work for my hair, the results on TV are impressive, it was kind of disappointing, even though I know all products don't work for all hair types. I did layer in some castor oil after the first usage, because my hair felt a bit crunchy once dry. As long as my hair was still damp, I actually liked it; but my hair just doesnt respond well to a full week of wash & go, a couple of days are the max before I start to get knots. I also felt a deeper conditioning is needed, more then just the Wen.

Tuesday, April 24


So I have been looking at the Wen demo forever! On QVC, on the infomercial....yep seems like forever LOL During our cold winter, I decided I would give it a try this spring, when the temps are warmer and my hair dries faster. So when I saw the special of the day last week on QVC was Wen, I jumped on it, got the Fig YEA! My week is crazy this week, so I probably won't get to try it out until the weekend. Did anyone else get the Wen special?

Tuesday, November 29

Baby it's cold outside

The cold is here.  No more hair being dry the next morning after washing at night.  No more sitting outside in the sun with a warm breeze....with a nice Patron triple citrus margarita to sip on....
Back to the days of washing and twisting my hair on Saturdays in order to be dry by Monday morning for work...Oh well. Bring on the leather boots, suede vests and shearling jackets!
These are some pics from a twistout I did with Devacurl, but I didn't loosen up the front, just sort of twisted it into a modified updo and used a clip...

Tuesday, November 1

Protective Styling

The summer is sadly over. The days of my hair being dry by morning are gone away...My hair is really depressed about this, got a bad case of SAD! Back to taking days to dry...
So, I have been protective styling for the last three weeks! I washed, deep conditioned and put my hair in twists and proceed to wear my half caps or a hat/cap EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past three weeks.
My new BHF from
Freetress Synthetic Drawstring Fullcap Celtic Girl

Sunday, September 4

Trying something different....

Trying something completely new for my hair tonight... To give some background on where it came from:
This natural at my job, her hair was just fierce Thursday!!!Big sexy to the utmost!!! I asked her what she did to get it like that, & she said hairspray. 'Hairspray? details girl!!!she gave me details and since i was planning on going out Saturday clubbing, I decide that would be the perfect setting for me to get me some big sexy hair!
  •  shampooed with Hair rules
  • conditioned with Hair rules
  • sectioned hair into 6 sections
  • detangled & twisted, here are some progress shots
  • left alone overnight
  • in morning undo one twist at a time
  • get Aussie hair spray out & blow dryer
  • finger out each twist & hit with hairspray
  • blowdry while stretching hair
  • continue with each twist
  • mine wasn't as big as my coworker, I think the hair needs to still be damp some to get the biggest effect and mine was completely dry in some sections
  • here's the outcome: