Sunday, October 5

Week 14

Well, I decided I needed some of the relaxed hair off my head!!! My haircare professional blow dried & flat ironed my hair in order to cut it on 9/11. I now have a chin length layered bob, much more manageable. I really cannot wait until I can see my natural texture more and just get rid of the permed ends.

Last week, I did a DC then a roller set. It was cute for 2 days... and required re-rolling at night. I am not accustomed to nightly maintenance with my hair, so this is a big struggle for me. After the second day, I just did half caps with outfit matching scarves tied over the front. Today I managed to pull it all back and wore a matching wavy ponytail pinned up into a bun.

Have you all heard of the MoeGrow oil formula, I got it off and her personal fotki. It is supposed to increase your hair growth. It is dried horsetail steeped in oil for 3 days and then aloe vera added. It is also important to massge the oil into the scalp with the fingerpads. My first usage was 9/25, I have oiled my scalp with this three times this past week. I didn't start the actual measuring until 10/2; on 10/2 the front measured at 8.5, the back 6.5.
I am now off to DC with some EVOO, almond oil, & EOs rosemary, clary sage & cedar, then another rollerset...

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  1. Whoa is that all your hair??!! Gorgeous!!