Friday, November 14

20 weeks post!

I was 20 weeks post-relaxer on 11/13. Yea! My new growth is really something....

Last night I pre-pooed with heat with Ovation on my scalp & Giovanni smooth as silk conditioner on my hair. Afterwards I washed with Giovanni 50/50 shampoo. Then I deep conditioned with Joico. To finish up, I applied Ovation to my scalp, sealed my ends with Castor oil and put my hair into 5 Bantu knots. To smooth down edges, I tied them down with a silk scarf and sat under the dryer for 30 minutes and let my hair air dry the rest of way overnight. I am planning to wear a bun until next wash day. The next morning, my hair was still damp, so took down the knots & smushed together wet ends and put into a ponytail with the ends tucked under, put on a wavy phony pony and bunned it up with some little butterflies.

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