Monday, March 30

Wash Day

This week's regimen:

  1. Applied the Ojon Deep Conditioning Treatment overnight.
  2. Shampooed with Ojon Hydrating Shampoo.
  3. Deep conditioned with Motions CPR with heat for 30 minutes.
  4. Giovanni Direct for leave in and sealed with Castor oil.
  5. Braided into 12 braids and put rollers on the ends.
  6. Air dried overnight.

For styling purposes this week, I will take down the first and wear a half-cap.

Friday, March 20

Today's regimen

  1. Today I misted with water (minimizes hair loss when manipulating), then I applied OVT to scalp and EVOO to hair and sat under heat cap while napping.
  2. I washed with Giovanni 50/50, then oil rinsed with a combo of EVOO and Jamaican Island Oil.
  3. For the DC after oil rinsing, I used Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrating Balm and Giovanni Tea Tree Hydrating Conditioner with heat for 30 minutes.
  4. Giovanni Direct applied for leave in & sealed with Castor oil.
  5. Detangled hair and put into 16 Bantu knots. Air dried overnight.
  6. I have no idea what styling I will use this week, since I am off for four days.....maybe hats!

Friday, March 13

Wash day

Today I did a shampoo with Giovanni 50/50, oil rinsed, and deep conditioned with the ORS pack with heat. I used Giovanni Direct for a leave in and sealed with castor oil. My hair hardly tangled at all during the combout! Yea!!

I did about 12 Bantu knots & just airdried. I plan to wear my half caps this week.

Friday, March 6

2nd time with Maxiglide

So this wash day:

  1. I prepooed with the Ojon treatment overnight

  2. Washed with Ojon Hydrating Shampoo

  3. Deep conditioned with Ojon Hydrating Conditioner & EVOO

  4. Applied Beyond Straight Serum

  5. Sealed with Castor oil & placed in large 2 strand twists to air dry

  6. Air dried overnight

  7. Maxiglided the next morning

  8. Straight hair ooolala!!

The Maxiglide process was much smoother for me this time. I however am not used to the texture the hair reversion serum gave my hair....last time it was silky, this time not silky :( But it did resist moisture. I took a hot bath as a test, I just put a silk scarf on first before my bath and IT DID NOT SWELL UP, YEAH!!

I was did not like the texture of my hair AT ALL, so I heavily misted with water & sealed with coconut oil which helped immensely.

I wore my Maneclip in an up do and I thought it was pretty cute.