Friday, March 6

2nd time with Maxiglide

So this wash day:

  1. I prepooed with the Ojon treatment overnight

  2. Washed with Ojon Hydrating Shampoo

  3. Deep conditioned with Ojon Hydrating Conditioner & EVOO

  4. Applied Beyond Straight Serum

  5. Sealed with Castor oil & placed in large 2 strand twists to air dry

  6. Air dried overnight

  7. Maxiglided the next morning

  8. Straight hair ooolala!!

The Maxiglide process was much smoother for me this time. I however am not used to the texture the hair reversion serum gave my hair....last time it was silky, this time not silky :( But it did resist moisture. I took a hot bath as a test, I just put a silk scarf on first before my bath and IT DID NOT SWELL UP, YEAH!!

I was did not like the texture of my hair AT ALL, so I heavily misted with water & sealed with coconut oil which helped immensely.

I wore my Maneclip in an up do and I thought it was pretty cute.

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