Thursday, April 30

My hair is on my mind

and my mind is on my hair...
Ok, so as of late ALL of my hair thoughts are of cutting off my relaxed ends!!! I think it will be so liberating and so much easier to work with....It will be 10 months next week, longer than I thought I would make it transitioning.
I am going on vacation to the Dominican Republic in early May for a week & I would so love to BC before I go and just be free and wash & go...but I am afraid to be without all my hair support products so early in the all natural hair game. I was debating going to get some braids with hair added before I go, but I have mostly decided against it. I am currently planning just to get my Mom to do cornrows in 2 layers before I leave and just leave it like that for my days chilling on the beach & add a kinky half-cap for evenings.

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