Friday, May 29

Hair it is here it is....

After being spoiled with no maintenance corn rows for a week, I have to get back to the business of making my hair look presentable & contained enough for work ( although I frequently fail at the containment portion....)
I did 12 Bantu knots & wore a half cap with a coordinated scarf all week. I wore a matching scarf covering my head with a knot in the back, while I did errands today and I don't think I got any funny looks, but I really didn't care that much anyway today. This evening, I applied my OVT/MT, spritzed and put into a high bun, tied a scarf to see what kind of waves I will get. I have an early appointment, so I will just wear my bun if it looks OK. I will take pics & post tomorrow. I have been slacking on pics due to my laptop's motherboard was out all week....

Sunday, May 17

Vacation Hair

So I was on vacation to the Dominican Republic for a week. I got my hair corn-rowed to the back in 2 layers. It was so carefree!!! I think I have found my style for the rest of my transition. My Mom braided it for me & she kept saying I should just cut off the permed frail ends, I was really surprised that she felt that way. I bought a new wavy, braid out textured half-cap (NBF HW Aspen 1b/27) and it was perfect!

Saturday, May 2

Wash day

Ok, so I haven't washed my hair in almost 2 weeks, I did rewet it with distilled water in a cheat attempt to decrease the volume...I have been wearing my kinky/ wavy half-caps with my front out since it matched from my bantu knots.

Today was really hectic and quite a few spontaneous things happened and I really wanted to wait until tomorrow, but tomorrow may be worse, so I am going to just do it this evening.

Sadly I didn't have a chance to pre-poo, I shampooed with Giovanni 50/50. For my DC, I used my Joico Balm(still love it!), EVOO & rosemary EO with heat for 30 minutes. My leave-in was Giovanni Direct and I sealed with castor oil.

I placed my hair in bantu knots to airdry over night and called it a day. Sometimes this hair stuff takes JUST TOO MUCH TIME!