Saturday, June 20

Different textures of hair on my head

After washing my hair last night, I applied Pantene Relaxed & Natural Conditioner for my combout. I detangled & finally used my Denman. I brushed my hair up into a high bun, planning to look cute with uniform waves in my natural hair & wear a kinky puff that covered up my relaxed ends......The front of my hair was not wavy, just kind of there, I don't know if that makes any sense or not. The back, waves! the sides, waves! the front, just doing it's own thing!
Now I know, by getting back to natural, I have to let my hair do what it do....I guess I will just learn to work with it. In an effort to increase the texture in the front, this evening I decided to lightly dampen the front & section and twist into about 7 twists.

I'll update tomorrow to show if it worked. If it works somewhat, I will thoroughly dampen and twist in uniform sections for definition in my up do this upcoming week.
PS- Ok, this definitely helped with the defintion, but I need to start closer to the root.

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