Wednesday, June 3


I keep thinking is it vain to not BC at this stage of the game? At 11 months, I have a nice amount of new growth, but I have become hesitant and ambivalent about doing the deed. Previously, I couldn't wait to reach this time....but now I am here and I have many doubts and uncertainities. I know most of them I really shouldn't care about...and usually I don't care what people outside of my small circle of close family & friends why am I having these thoughts? My DH has said he doesn't care what I do with my hair especially if I stop wearing fake hair and it's all my own hair!
  • Will I still be cute and a babe?
  • Will people who already know me view me differently?
  • Will people who don't know me at all form a different opinion of me due to my hair?
  • My head is already big, will it look bigger?
  • Is it too short to style?
  • What type of curl pattern will I have, if any?

1 comment:

  1. Your head will look actually look smaller. The bigger your hair, the smaller your head looks...Now your ears on the other hand..:-) jk

    Yes, you'll still be a babe, just the kinky-haired Barbie kind of babe that falls over when you try to make her stand or sit up straight...because her hair is soo big and wild...But both you and Barbie are top heavy so that's cool too!

    Yes people will view you as'll be perceived as the deep chick. Prove you're still the same and cuss them out...

    There's no such thing as too short to style..

    STOP TRIPPING AND CUT YOUR HAIR! You'll still be cute, your hubby will love it, you'll be happy to get rid of the tangles, and you'll have something else new to explore and conquer!

    I wonder is fear the reason why some do the long-term transition...I wonder will I be the same with my long-hair obsessed DH...