Monday, July 27

Trying to stretch it out....

Ok, my hair length is great, but it shrinks up so much I am uncomfortable at times wearing my fro. So I was thinking what could I do to stretch it out some without straightening....and I remembered a post on LHCF about using the blowdryer on the hair while stretching out the hair( I think it was Pinkskates) & keeping the dryer moving up & down the length of the hair. So, I did something similar but on cool setting mostly and only partially drying my hair, completely avoiding my ends. So here are the steps I did:
  1. Prepoo with Ojon with heat 30 minutes.
  2. Shampoo with Ojon Mositurizing Poo(sulfate free).
  3. DC with my Joico!
  4. HE Breaks over for the combout, sealed with castor oil.
  5. Used the blowdry on cool & warm setting while stretching hair, holdings the ends to avoid drying out.
  6. Put a roller on each section immediately after.
  7. Airdry overnight.

I don't know what I will do with it in the morning, depends on how it looks! That's it...update tomorrow. I know, I know, pics too!

PS: I love what this technique did to my hair! My fro is longer & fluffy!! Even my hubbie kept touching it!


  1. Is it long enough for twists or braids that you could wear overnight and take out in the morning?

  2. I have tried it twisted & braided overnight, but the shrinkage is still excessive.