Saturday, August 8

Hair regimen today

I got a jar of Kinky Curly for my birthday, but I'm not ready to use it yet....I'm going to research it on youtube first THIS STUFF IS NOT CHEAP!
So today I decided to just do twists, but also to try to see if I could stretch my hair out some by letting the twists dry on large rollers.
  1. Prepooed with the Ojon treatment.
  2. Shampooed with Ojon Shampoo.
  3. Conditioned with Giovanni Tea Tree conditioner & suave Humectress
  4. Rinsed, applied Giovanni Direct leavein with VO5 strawberries & cream milk(love the smell).
  5. Sealed with Castor Oil , applied Giovanni Gel to each section before twisting & placing a large roller on.
  6. Airdry overnight.
  7. These are the 5 day results of leaving the twist in.