Saturday, January 30

Twists styling this week

So this week, I did wear my half cap for one day and then said whatever! I wore my just twists out the rest of the week. Here are a couple of my looks....

Wednesday, January 27

Horsetail: The Mineral Rich Hair Herb

Horsetail: The Mineral-Rich Hair Herb
This article by writer Stephanie Rose Bird, explores the benefits of including horsetail in your hair regimen. Horsetail is rich in silica & minerals & can be taken internally as a tea or applied topically as a shampoo, conditioner or healing balm.
Horsetail stems are imbued with silica and silicic acids; in fact, it contains the most silica known in the plant kingdom. Silica forms collagen, a protein found in the skin, bones, cartilage, ligaments and connective tissues. The silica content helps strengthen weak, brittle, damaged hair, giving it vitality and shine with regular use.
Many shampoos, conditioners and hair growth aids contain horsetail extract.

To create your own hair rinse:

2-4 teaspoons dried horsetail
Cup of boiled water
Add the horsetail to a cup of boiled water (still hot but not boiling). Let steep 15-20 minutes; strain; cool. Rinse through hair and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and style as usual.

Sunday, January 24

Wash day

Styling my hair continues to be a challenge, or I guess what to do with my hair after washing & DC. I really don't want to take the time of doing smaller twists, W&G is not an option in Chicago in January, can't french braid, don't want to straighten.....I really really really miss my half caps!!!

I put off washing my hair all weekend because I didn't want to spend hhhooouuurrrsss afterwards doing something to it....Anyway, here what I did
  • Shampooed with J.R. Liggett's Old Fashioned Shampoo Bar
  • DC with ORS pack with heat for 30 minutes
  • Divided hair into 8 sections
  • Applied Giovanni Direct as a leave-in & sealed with castor oil
  • Twisted each section into 2 bantu knots, for a total of about 16, to stretch it out

  • Pondered what to do with my hair the next day(should I twist it up, wear it in a bun, wear it in a fro), sadly, my hair was only partially air dried overnight(Chicago temperatures in January are no joke)
  • Sat under dryer for 30 minutes for finish drying my hair the next morning
  • Contemplated wearing my half cap for the rest of the week to work
  • Began twisting my hair, in small sections; I have decided to leave them in until next Tues. and wear a twistout the rest of next week.
  • Spritzed each section with my homemade leave in spray and put a big dab of castor oil on the ends.

  • This took me awhile to do, but since I did them over the course of the day, it wasnt that bad....and the bonus I HAVE CAREFREE HAIR FOR ALMOST 2 WEEKS, only needing to apply moisture.

Wednesday, January 20

Twistout results

I love my results from my leave in/moisturizing/styling spray. My hair is moisturized, shiny, soft. The hold is like a wet twistout instead of from semi stretched dry hair. I also used this as a daily moisturizing spray when I fluff my hair in the mornings. This mix is definite keeper.

Saturday, January 16

Moisturizing leave in recipe

I made a moisturizing spray leave in last night. I wanted something all natural & really moisturizing for hair. I made a herbal infusion of marshmallow root, horsetail & nettle. I added some aloe vera gel, a touch of jojoba oil & Castor oil, once I shook it vigorously it emulsified(temporarily). This was placed in my spray bottle.
I heavily misted each section before I placed in my twists & sealed with Castor oil. It seemed my hair loved. I know this is weird but my hair seemed happy!
PS. This leave-in left my twistout very well defined & moisturized!

Thursday, January 14

Hear me roar!

Ok, I was so sick of the up do, but not up for a night of twisting my after brainstorming of what to do? I came up with a hot roller set on my semi stretched hair!! I plugged up my hot rods, applied some Dr. Bronner's leave in to each section and rolled my hair. I left them in over night, not quite sure what would be the outcome & not backup plan if it was complete HAM.
But it came out quite well!!
After 4 days of updos, with my hair loose, I felt like I AM LION HEAR ME ROAR!!!
I just went to the roots & massaged a bit, fingered the curls a bit and it was just awesome!

More updos this week

Sunday, January 10

Hair regimen this week & updo

I am undecided what to do with my hair this week, but I am off on Monday, so I have an extra day to figure it out. I did decide to do the coconut lime treatment again today.

I refrigerated my can of coconut milk overnight, so the good stuff would solidify & it would be uberthick. I added a tsp of lime juice, stirred it up & let it come back to room temperature before applying. This stuff is so rich & creamy, I started to think of what else it would be for, maybe some kind of leave in(without the lime juice of course). I sat under my hair dryer for 30 minutes with this on.

I shampooed with hair rules cleansing cream & DC with Joico Moisture Balm(one of my absolute favs!) with heat for 20 minutes.

I used Giovanni Direct leave-in & sealed with Castor oil, I just a plastic bag until I decided what I wanted to do. I finally decided to blow dry about 75% with it stretched out, completely avoiding my ends. I then, placed rollers in air dry the rest of the way overnight.

I decided to do updos this week.....Day 1 french roll.

Saturday, January 9

Twistout Day 5 results

Ok this is my maximum lasting time for a twistout I think....

Tuesday, January 5

2nd day dry twistout results

Ok these are my second day results. I did retwist about 5 or 6 twists last night in areas that were really kind of frizzed out from me manipulating them too much. Still loving it!

Saturday, January 2

My first dry twistout

So for 2010, I am planning to wear my natural out to work. I had still been wearing my half-caps & ponytails to work, only wearing my natural out every weekend. I was & still am not really liking the shrinkage when wet & when styled from wet. Call me vain, but I am not feeling the short hair look on me.

I washed & DC with a mix of a ORS pack, Lustrasilk Cholesterol with Shea conditioner & 1/2 tsp of salt with heat for 30 minutes. Afterwards, Giovanni Direct Leave-in, Ultra Sheen creme press on after that & I air dried overnight in chunky twists. The next day, I semi-straightened my hair with my Maxi glide with the flat iron plate on instead of the comb plate (1 pass only). I applied Castor oil to the ends & put in chunky twists.

OK CAN YOU SAY HATED IT!! I took down a couple twists the next day to see what it would look blah, I mean it was cute & soft waves, but I wanted more of my texture to come thru. remedy this I decided to heavily mist water on each twist and place some Dr. Bronner's Magic Hair Creme on the entire length of each twist. I sat under the dryer for 15 minutes to ensure it would be dry in the morning & air dried the rest of the way overnight. I took it down in the morning before work. Now, I can say I love my twist out! I got positive responses & feedback from everyone at work.

Friday, January 1

The New Year!

Happy New Year To All!
May this year bring you everything you need to prosper & succeed in your life & your dreams!