Saturday, January 2

My first dry twistout

So for 2010, I am planning to wear my natural out to work. I had still been wearing my half-caps & ponytails to work, only wearing my natural out every weekend. I was & still am not really liking the shrinkage when wet & when styled from wet. Call me vain, but I am not feeling the short hair look on me.

I washed & DC with a mix of a ORS pack, Lustrasilk Cholesterol with Shea conditioner & 1/2 tsp of salt with heat for 30 minutes. Afterwards, Giovanni Direct Leave-in, Ultra Sheen creme press on after that & I air dried overnight in chunky twists. The next day, I semi-straightened my hair with my Maxi glide with the flat iron plate on instead of the comb plate (1 pass only). I applied Castor oil to the ends & put in chunky twists.

OK CAN YOU SAY HATED IT!! I took down a couple twists the next day to see what it would look blah, I mean it was cute & soft waves, but I wanted more of my texture to come thru. remedy this I decided to heavily mist water on each twist and place some Dr. Bronner's Magic Hair Creme on the entire length of each twist. I sat under the dryer for 15 minutes to ensure it would be dry in the morning & air dried the rest of the way overnight. I took it down in the morning before work. Now, I can say I love my twist out! I got positive responses & feedback from everyone at work.

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