Sunday, January 24

Wash day

Styling my hair continues to be a challenge, or I guess what to do with my hair after washing & DC. I really don't want to take the time of doing smaller twists, W&G is not an option in Chicago in January, can't french braid, don't want to straighten.....I really really really miss my half caps!!!

I put off washing my hair all weekend because I didn't want to spend hhhooouuurrrsss afterwards doing something to it....Anyway, here what I did
  • Shampooed with J.R. Liggett's Old Fashioned Shampoo Bar
  • DC with ORS pack with heat for 30 minutes
  • Divided hair into 8 sections
  • Applied Giovanni Direct as a leave-in & sealed with castor oil
  • Twisted each section into 2 bantu knots, for a total of about 16, to stretch it out

  • Pondered what to do with my hair the next day(should I twist it up, wear it in a bun, wear it in a fro), sadly, my hair was only partially air dried overnight(Chicago temperatures in January are no joke)
  • Sat under dryer for 30 minutes for finish drying my hair the next morning
  • Contemplated wearing my half cap for the rest of the week to work
  • Began twisting my hair, in small sections; I have decided to leave them in until next Tues. and wear a twistout the rest of next week.
  • Spritzed each section with my homemade leave in spray and put a big dab of castor oil on the ends.

  • This took me awhile to do, but since I did them over the course of the day, it wasnt that bad....and the bonus I HAVE CAREFREE HAIR FOR ALMOST 2 WEEKS, only needing to apply moisture.

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