Friday, March 19

Pics of my chunky twistout!!

My hair was not 100% dry in the morning, but NAPPYHAIRDONTCARE!!! I rocked my twistout all week. It was frizzing up in certain places, most likely because it was not 100% dry when I took it down; I redid some of the twists Tuesday evening and kept on rocking thru to Friday.

Sunday, March 14

Finally tried my Kinky Curly Custard

After 2 weeks of twists, it was time to shampoo & DC....sometimes I really just don't want to take the time to do my hair. Of course this is nothing new for me, when I was relaxed, I didn't want to be bothered with my hair that much either....
This week I used:
  • Giovanni 50/50 shampoo
  • DC with Lustrasilk's Shea Butter Cholesterol Plus with heat for 30 minutes
  • Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructizer Spray
  • Giovanni direct leave in, sealed with Castor oil
  • Sectioned into 8 chunky twists to separate & detangle

Pondered what to do with my hair next, blow dry & twist, twist into smaller sections to leave in for a week or just wear a twistout for the rest of the week.....Natural hair has so many options :)

So I decided to try out my KC Custard today! I spritzed with water, split each chunky twist into 2, applied the KCC & twisted and then put them on large rollers. I sat under a dryer for 45 minutes to speed along the drying process, let it dry the remainder of the way overnight & plan to wear a twistout all week.

I must say I do like the KCC effects on my hair, it enhanced my curl pattern quite a bit. When it gets warmer, I can't wait to wear a wash & go with some KCC!

Sadly, my hair was still not 100% dry in the morning, but I took it down anyway. Here are the results, it still came out decent right?

Tuesday, March 9

More comfortable with hair & myself

It has been a ongoing struggle for me to deal with my shrunken hair, I was just used long hair and how I looked with long hair, preferably big & curly too. It is what I knew & what I was most comfortable in. What I initially started transitioning, for me personally I was completely against wearing twists as a style, I liked it on others...but just couldn't see myself rocking twists outside the house. Yes, I am vain, I thought you knew!
However, I have become more accepting of my hair and in the process, myself too. I now wear my twists for weeks at a time(however, I do feel the need to glam up more while in twists). I receive many compliments on my hair, my twists have largely been well received, much to my astonishment.

Now don't get me wrong, I still love some long hair, or I guess hair that appears it's true length! I just am getting more & more comfortable with my shrunken crazy thick kinky hair as time passes! And I can straighten anytime I feel like it anyways....or just throw on a half-cap!

Friday, March 5

Twists on semi-straightened hair

Having big hair all week has been nice, but I need to get back to my twists....So today, I twisted my hair in semi small sections. I spritzed with my custom tea & aloe vera gel concoction & sealed with Castor oil. When I do it over the course of the day, it is much better for me than trying to do it one sitting.
I used large magnetic rollers to bump the ends, as I plan on wearing my hair in a ponytail style or just loose during the week.
It is really something have when my hair is wet, it doesn't appear to be growing or getting any length. Once I started twisting it today, I can definitely tell the difference in length! My twists reach past my collarbone! YEA!