Tuesday, March 9

More comfortable with hair & myself

It has been a ongoing struggle for me to deal with my shrunken hair, I was just used long hair and how I looked with long hair, preferably big & curly too. It is what I knew & what I was most comfortable in. What I initially started transitioning, for me personally I was completely against wearing twists as a style, I liked it on others...but just couldn't see myself rocking twists outside the house. Yes, I am vain, I thought you knew!
However, I have become more accepting of my hair and in the process, myself too. I now wear my twists for weeks at a time(however, I do feel the need to glam up more while in twists). I receive many compliments on my hair, my twists have largely been well received, much to my astonishment.

Now don't get me wrong, I still love some long hair, or I guess hair that appears it's true length! I just am getting more & more comfortable with my shrunken crazy thick kinky hair as time passes! And I can straighten anytime I feel like it anyways....or just throw on a half-cap!


  1. Your looks beautiful in twists or out so it's nice to hear that you are feeling comfortable with both styles nowadays. Because alot of other people were comfy with it before you got on board! ;o)

    My best, Lynn

  2. Thanks so much Lynn! Me & my hair are a work in progress!