Sunday, May 2

I've been a bad girl!

Ok ladies, I have been a bad girl with my hair! I straightened my hair & IT WAS NOT CLEAN. I know it was wrong...that didn't stop me :(

I should have been washing & deep conditioning my hair, treating it with love...but what was I doing? Straightening it with my electric comb & Ultrasheen creme press. What can I say for myself? Sadly, not much....I was sitting there looking in the mirror at my myself, contemplating what style did I want for the upcoming week. Suddenly, I wanted it straight. Right that moment. Not in a few hours, RIGHT THAT MOMENT. The next thing I knew, I was turning on the hot comb my sister had just returned to me and pressing away.

I don't regret it either, although I may later. I pressed it straight, but not bone straight. I plan to wear my hair in a high bun all week. So sorry no pics, my camera is broken.

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