Thursday, June 24

Tired of twisting time requirement

I don't know how you all feel, but sometimes I SIMPLY DREAD HAIR DAY! I know it is a necessity, but I sometimes don't want to be spend hours on my hair, yes I know it is worth it later....but that just doesn't help my thought process at the time.
Today is one of those days! I washed & conditioned(and NO I didn't even deep condition!) and thought what can I do, as I am not feeling spending hours twisting my hair and I had a short workweek this week......
So I decided to just blow dry & see how it looks from there, maybe a updo, pony, puff, I'll just see what happens.
I used Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer, BWC leave-in conditioner, sealed with Castor oil and blow dried my hair. Blow drying took 40 minutes. This is the outcome...not too shabby!

Sunday, June 6

My DevaCurl experience

I'll start off by saying I'm not cheap...that said, I think quite a few haircare lines are just too expensive for daily use. I spend my money freely on things I like & enjoy....some people would even say I am frivolous at times. But I have not yet reached the point of being OK with spending $25 or more(including tax & shipping) on a hair product that is probably only gives 2-3 uses for my hair type & length.
The DevaCurl line has many favorable reviews, although not many exist for 4b hair, but it was one of the lines I have been wanting to try out. I searched & found a local retailer, Ulta, to avoid shipping charges. I purchased a 3oz bottle of Set It Free for $8.
I shampooed & DC. I used Giovanni Direct for leave in & sealed with castor oil. I sectioned my hair into about 12-15 twists, I sprayed the Set It Free on each section prior to twisting. I put a clip on my roots to hold them since I was twisting wet hair. Here are next morning results:

The results came out OK, but nothing to warrant me spending more money on DevaCurl products. I will use the rest of the product, I would say this 3 oz bottle will probably last for about 4 more twist days.
PS. No superior lasting hold or lack of frizz as advertised observed the next few days while wearing my twistout.