Saturday, July 24

Combing out my twistout

Normally when I have a twistout I really don't touch it much other than arranging the ends so nothing is sticking out really crazy.  However, my texture was such with the Set It free, that I took a chance & fingercombed my hair out to make it bigger :)
So I lightly spritzed the ends with rosewater & after fingercombing it to loosen the twist pattern, I did about 6 chunky twists to prevent it from curling back up on itself.  In the morning, I pulled the top half back with an EZ Comb & tucked it under, I left the back out.  I kind of like it, what do you think ladies?

Wednesday, July 21

Re-evaluation of DevaCurl Set It Free

So this week I decided no heat for my hair. I really wanted to perfect using my new blow dryer, but no heat... Anyways on Saturday
  • I shampooed with Giovanni 50/50
  • Deep conditioned with Joico Moisture Recovery Balm
  • BWC leave in conditioner
  • Sealed with Castor Oil
  • Sectioned hair into 4 large sections
  • Split each large section into 4 sections for twists
  • Sprayed DevaCurl Set it Free on each twist before twisting
My hair wasn't dry in the am, so I didn't take out my twists until Tuesday morning.  I hadn't intended to wear these twists to work, so I put a wide scarf on to cover the front & pulled the back in to a high bun.
I like the the texture of my twists, maybe last time I didn't use enough oil underneath the Set It Free; I was even able to seperate it out some without it getting horribly frizzy.

Friday, July 16

Outcome from blowdried hair

It has been quite humid this week, but my blowdry has lasted in the best shape, especially given I didn't use any anti-humidity products.
After taking down the bun, I decided to do a low puff with the assistance of a few bobby pins.
Then later in the week I decided to do about 10 chunky twists, misted with aloe vera & this was the outcome:

Monday, July 12

Pics of My Bun Updo

Some pics of straightened bun updo

Friday, July 9

Conair Infiniti Blow Dryer Review

Can I just say I really like this blow dryer!  OK, onto to the review. 
In order to see the true unadulterated effects on my hair, I did not use anything on my hair but my leave-in & sealant, Giovanni Direct, Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructizer & Castor oil.
It took time to get accustomed to the movement necessary, it is somewhat different than regular blowdrying.
Your hair must be held taut with one hand while passing dryer through.  Of course, you must thoroughly detangle before use (although it is advertised to detangle).  I had a harder time getting my ends straight in some places because you have to hold the dryer at a certain angle for the optimum straightening effect; the rotating head is really great with assisting that.
Regular blow dryers don't really straighten my hair, they just stretch it out.   With this, my hair was straight & dare I say it silky! which was amazing considering I didn't use any heat aids.  I also love not having to worry about bent/broken teeth when blow drying!  This is definitely a fact, I am considering going to buy another to replace this one whenever it may stop working.
Here are my results:
My hair after deep conditioning:

Half done yea!! Shrinkage is so AMAZING!!

My split bun updo

Thursday, July 8

New Conair Infiniti blowdryer in the house

So I saw this Conair Infiniti blowdryer at Marshall's and thought it would be very fantastic if it worked like they said, but I didn't get it as I was leary of using it, unsure if it was made for 4B hair.  I came home and researced it online.  I found it on Amazon & it has over 180 reviews, mostly positive.  There are reviews from African Americans who had success, so I really want to try it, since I have some difficulty with blowdrying my hair.  It was $30 at Marshalls, but I saw it at Big Lots for $19 so I purchased it there instead.  Review coming next!!