Tuesday, August 24

New Olympus Camera Woes!

So I go to take pics of my hair and WHAT? no power, OK, I thought perhaps my charged rechargeable did not get charged like I thought.......so I charged then again. 
Three sets of fresh batteries later, still NOTHING :(
I bought this Olympus camera in May and I got a major problem already.....
Anyway to make a long story short, after contacting Olympus, I was instructed to mail it back to them(at my cost), since it was under a 1 year warranty, with a 14 day average turn around time.  I shipped it back USPS Priority Mail, so they should have it no later than Monday. 
Sadly I will not be able to post any pics until I get another camera or this one back from Olympus.

Saturday, August 21

Trying a rollerset

While thinking of what & when to do my hair for the upcoming week, I decided I wanted to dry twist my hair, but I didn't want to use any heat.  I had decided to do this on Sunday. 
However, I really wanted to wash my hair Friday night (not really sure where the overcoming need to wash my hair came from)...while running my bath water.  All of a sudden, it was like I JUST HAD TO HAVE A CLEAN HEAD.  I figured I would just dunk my head & shampoo my hair first, before I would put my bath salts and such in the water.
This actually worked out really well for me.  I leaned back and submerged all my hair, then shampooed with Giovanni 50/50, then rinsed with my handheld sprayer.  I was so glad my hair my clean!
Afterwards, I put on an ORS pack & a baggie and left it on overnight.  In the morning, I rinsed it out.  I applied Giovanni Direct for leave-in & castor oil to seal.  I did a quick rollerset (30 minutes) and let it airdry.

After my hair was dry, I decided to do some twists for a twistout.  I misted with aloe vera gel & did about 12 chunky twists.  Here are the results:

Sunday, August 15

First time frenchbraiding since natural

Since I will be wearing half caps for my events, I decided to try having my hair frenchbraided for flatness VS the twists which tend to be bumpy underneath.  My sister braided it while still damp.
I have not had any scalp itching with my twists, but my scalp was just itching with these braids!!!! I almost wanted to rip them....I was sticking pens underneath my braids to scratch my scalp.
I could not wait to take them down!!!

Friday, August 13

Unpredictable hair for formal events

I have two Sunday weddings this month....which OF COURSE is greatly affected by MY HAIR!!! I know my hair is not running anything....but it is !! I have been running to check the weather forecast for humidity & rain 2-3 times a day.  If you know anything about the Chi, you know July & August is hot as hell with temps ranging in the upper 90s not at all usual.  And on top of the norm, this year in addition to the 90s, we have been blessed with FREQUENT RAIN!!! Great for my garden, not so great for straightened hairstyling LOL!
The first wedding was 8/8 & DH, not so kindly requested " Can we not do the big fro?" Me trying to be accommodating, said OK & planned to straighten my hair for an updo with a really cute hair flower.....WHY DID IT RAIN SAT EVENING? :(  Needless to say with the humidity at 95%, NO WAY was my hair any wear near not reverting with just the thought of stepping outside.  I had started straightening when I realized it was fruitless & would not last 24 hours.
Instead I just decided I would wear a 4a curly half-cap and blend my front in, after a rodset.  This worked out beautifully....I got mucho hair complements.
For the second wedding this coming Sunday, I pretty much plan on a half cap also, since the weather has been unusually humid in addition to the heat...and as much as I love my natural hair, I want a more predictable look for these weddings.
I also want to say Sunday evening weddings are detrimental to my hair styling options for the upcoming work week :(
If I take any half cap pics I will post them.

Grapefruit Fusion Lemon Drop Martini

After running out of Citron vodka for my much adored Lemon Drop Martini....I decided to try my Finlandia Grapefruit Fusion as a substitute. Into my ice-filled shaker I added:

•3 oz Finlandia Grapefruit Fusion Vodka

•1 oz Caravella Limoncello

•1 oz lemon juice

•3/4 oz simple syrup


Pour into your chilled martini glass & enjoy... I really like this grapefruit twist, I am on my second one...THANK GOODNESS FOR SPELLCHECK ;)