Saturday, August 21

Trying a rollerset

While thinking of what & when to do my hair for the upcoming week, I decided I wanted to dry twist my hair, but I didn't want to use any heat.  I had decided to do this on Sunday. 
However, I really wanted to wash my hair Friday night (not really sure where the overcoming need to wash my hair came from)...while running my bath water.  All of a sudden, it was like I JUST HAD TO HAVE A CLEAN HEAD.  I figured I would just dunk my head & shampoo my hair first, before I would put my bath salts and such in the water.
This actually worked out really well for me.  I leaned back and submerged all my hair, then shampooed with Giovanni 50/50, then rinsed with my handheld sprayer.  I was so glad my hair my clean!
Afterwards, I put on an ORS pack & a baggie and left it on overnight.  In the morning, I rinsed it out.  I applied Giovanni Direct for leave-in & castor oil to seal.  I did a quick rollerset (30 minutes) and let it airdry.

After my hair was dry, I decided to do some twists for a twistout.  I misted with aloe vera gel & did about 12 chunky twists.  Here are the results:

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