Monday, September 13

Hair this week - Tightly curly method trial

I decided to DC overnight with my new fav conditioner Aubrey Organics, Island Naturals Replenishing Conditioner, Dry Frizzy.  Coconut milk, aloe, shea & jojoba butter, my hair just loves it, it coils & curls with happiness.  This smell is nice to me, kind of spicy(allspice is in it); I just enjoy reading the ingredient list and knowing how it is hydrating my hair hmmnnnn!

The next morning I didn't know what to do with my hair yet & I had to make a run....yes with a head full of conditioner.  At first it wouldn't do anything reasonable LOL.  But I spritzed it really good and it started cooperating, I managed to get it back into a bun and put some gel on the front to smooth it down.
This gave me time to figure out what to do this week...I was really curious if the curlygirl/tightlycurly method would do anything for my 4a/4b I decided to do a modified version of it to my hair.

After conditioner washing & sectioning into 4 quarters, I took smaller sections and applied Fantasia Frizz Buster Serum, Castor oil & finally a generous amount of Aussie Moist conditioner.  Then I ran my Jilbere comb thru the section, then smoothed the curls with my fingers....OK I WAS A BIT AMAZED by the definition!  Anyways, I proceeded to do my whole head ILIKEY!!! Here are my results, can you tell a difference?

And for my sister who wondering how it will hold up, I took these AFTER  my P90x cardio workout:


  1. I LIKEY A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hmm..might have to try one day. can't wait to see how it holds up this week. cool thing is also u know its super moisturized!

  2. Thanks! You should try it to see how it enhances your curl pattern.