Saturday, September 25

Twistout results

I wore my hair in a high bun(twists) for the rest of the week.  It is so nice to just get up in the morning and not have to concern myself with any hair manipulation at all!  And my hair still feels moisturized, when I grab it, even the ends, it is springy, soft & able to be squished, not crunchy or stiff like it sometimes does by Day 5.
I took the twists done on Day 5.  Here are some of my twist out results: I wore it down some and in a ponytail too.  It was really defined at first, but I kept playing with it , so I lost some of the definition in spots.  Oddly, I actually prefer my twist outs to be on the messy looking side vs just taking the twists a loose and leaving them neat.

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