Sunday, November 21

Protective Styling aka the Half Cap!

Ladies, adjusting to this Chicago cold weather really takes some getting used to when it first shows up!  I finally had my hair routine down, always washing on Sundays.  This was working out fine for the warmer months as my hair would be dry for work Monday morning.  Not now though :(    My hair is still damp in the mornings, I even tried doing it Sunday mornings instead, it was still damp. 
As my chunky twists intended for a twistout are really not acceptable for wearing to work; wearing a fab cap is not acceptable for the work dress options are to take my twists down with some dampness & have horrible frizzing OR style a half cap.
So I have been wearing favorite half cap Nia Girl for the past two weeks to work.  She is just my fav, and yes some may say it is big....BUT I LOVE ME SOME BIG HAIR ANYWAYS!!!  I have a #2 & a #1B/30.  Sometimes I throw a headband or scarf with it, sometimes I just pin the front down in place in 4 places and go.
Half caps are MY protective styling lol...
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