Tuesday, December 28

Blowout Twistout

These are some results from an after Christmas twistout.  I really like the way it turned out, I didn't do anything special, just blow dried my hair & did some chunky twists with some DevaCurl Set It Free to help set it.

Monday, December 13

In Twists for 2 Weeks

I am off work for the next two weeks, YEA!  I decided to have care-free hair and do some twists.  I wore them up in a bun most of the time. 
And I finally rocked my beret!

Friday, December 10

My Holiday Party Updo

My job had a dress-up holiday party this year Yea!  I had initally intended to straighten my hair, as I have been promising to straighten my hair since my July.  Well, it didn't happen; the day just got away fron me and before I knew it, it was 90 minutes before the time I had planned to leave with no solid outfit & no hair do!

I had been wearing a twistout all week and I wanted something a little more festive and glam.  My hair finally decided to cooperate with a high bun LOL!  I heavily misted with rosewater, put some avocado butter on for shine & smoothed it up into a bun.  I put a scarf on to smooth it out a bit while I figured out what to put on.
When I took the scarf off, it was cute....but not the look I had envisioned.  It needed more....more volume!  I pulled out some 4a/4b hair tracks from my hair stash for the solution.  I undid my bun and placed some in the middle of my hair for a filler & redid my bun, so that my hair was on the outside of the bun.  I sprinkled a few sparkle hair pins around and it looked much better. 

I would have liked to smoothed it back down, but it was time to fly! What do you think ladies?

Wednesday, December 1

Twistout results - Devacurl Set It Free

Devacurl Set It Free is winning me over.  I really like my twistout texture when I use it, it has sheen, it holds the pattern longer....& I like the smell. 
This week, after deep conditioning, I sealed with castor oil and I blowdried my hair in sections to about 75% dry.  I spritzed Set It Free on each section & twisted.  I did about 16 or so twists for my entire head.

Even with my hair almost dry before twisting, with these cool temperatures my hair hasn't been dry by morning so I decided to sit under the dryer for 30 minutes.  Yea! My hair was dry by morning.  I took down the twists and seperated the sections a bit.  Here are my results: