Sunday, January 16

Chunky Twists with DevaCurl Set It Free

Even though it is just 20 degrees, I decided to fore go the heat this week.  I have blowdried my hair for my twistouts since the temperature dropped to avoid having a wet or damp head over night. 
This week I decided to change up my whole regimen timing, since I tend to feel quite rushed doing my hair on Sunday evenings. 
So on Saturday evening:
  • I shampooed my hair with Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo
  • Deep conditioned with a mix of Aubrey Island Naturals Conditioner & EVOO with heat for 30 minutes
  • Sectioned my hair into 4 sections
  • Applied BWC leave-in to each section & detangled
  • Sealed each section with Castor oil & twisted up into a bun, making sure the ends were tucked under
  • Tied my hair up & went to sleep (Yes with wet hair)
  • On Sunday morning, my hair was still damp, but had started drying some
  • I undid each section, divided it into 4 sections, spritzed with Set It Free and made 4 twists
This seemed like it took so much less time to do!!  I was through with my twists before 11am, so my hair might just be dry by Monday morning for my twistout.  Having wet hair in the winter time is not pleasant!  I will check the drying progress later this evening & sit under my dryer if it feels too damp to be dry by morning.  This is my first wet twistout in months, so I will post the results later this week.

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