Sunday, January 2

Trying a rod rollerset with...Lottabody Setting Lotion

So I want to try some new things with my hair this year.  It's longer now, so I have more styling options.
I decided to try a rod set on my already blowdried hair.  After sectioning my hair off, I started with spritzing with aloe vera gel, then some Castor oil on the ends to comb it out.  I diluted Lottabody Setting Lotion with water 1 part/4 part ratio and spritzed 4-5 times on each section, I used end papers & the purple 3/4 inch rod roller.  I made sure to bend the rod so that the roots were pretty straight.  My hair was not saturated, so I am hoping it will be dry in the morning without hours under the dryer.  I plan to sit under the dryer for 1 hour only.  I'll be posting the results...I hope it comes out OK!

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