Tuesday, May 31

More Los Cabos Vacation Hair

The natives of Los Cabos were quite fascinated by my hair.  I received many compliments and got at least 5 requests a day to touch my hair. 
Here are some random hair shots during my vacation.  Towards the end it did get... a bit out of control lol, but DON'T CARE!!!  I did moisten & retwist one of the days, but other than that, I did nothing to it asides from a morning conditioner rub & fluff it out.

Night time hair:

Tuesday, May 24

Los Cabos Vacation Pics

Los Cabos is just beautiful!  The weather was perfect my entire stay; perfect temperature,  not one drop of rain, 0% humidity, sunny, Pacific breezes.  We actually stayed in Cabo San Lucas at the Riu Palace.  This is the view from my hotel room balcony.

This is a tour of one of the many cactus farms there:

These are pictures from the distinctive rock formation know as El Arco or Lands End, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean:

Resembles Scooby Doo according to the locals:

A sea lion chilling:

Friday, May 20

Los Cabos Vacation Hair

I am here in Los Cabos & it is just so beautiful! The weather is just perfect!
It was hard deciding what to bring for hair maintenance, but I decided to pack Castor oil, Devacurl Set It Free, an ORS condition pack & some suave conditioner. I did a wet twistout with Devacurl Set It Free 2 days before leaving and wore my half-cap until after I arrived as my hair was still wet....
Here are my Day One results:

Wednesday, May 4

Vacation Hair Questions?

This month, I am going to Los Cabos with DH for vacation....I am so excited!! Beach, sun, ocean breeze & a comfortable chaise!! My only concern is what to take for my hair as this is my first trip out of the country since I have been natural.  I am also planning daily sauna trips!
Any suggestions on what you think is essential that I will not be able to purchase locally?
I am of course taking poo, Castor oil, an ORS pack, BWC leave in, silk scarf, my denman & some big accessories...anything else?

Sunday, May 1

Organic Blood Orange Juice!!!

About 2 years ago, I chanced upon a bottle of organic blood orange juice at Trader's Joes and loved it!  I drank it straight, made martinis with it and made a syrup perfect for pouring over ice cream.  But alas, this love was not meant to last, or so it seemed, as TJ's stopped carrying it.  I looked at every other retailer in the area, but no blood orange juice....except on Amazon with $13 shipping. 
Today while perusing the new Home Goods Store that opened in my area, there on the shelf were several bottles of my precious :
Yea!!! And yes I bought three bottles!!  I am so excited!! Recipes to follow....