Wednesday, August 3

Living Proof - It might be the truth!

I have been watching Living Proof demonstrations on QVC since it launched, but decided it wasn't for my hair, especially at that price. I have enough products as it is! BUT was at the beauty supply store for less than half price! Yes, less than half price! Meaning I could try it for a whopping six dollars...and if I liked it go back & buy all the bottles left!
So I purchased the No Frizz Styling Treatment for thick to coarse hair, which is normally $26!
No Frizz Wave, Curl Styling Treatment
I shampooed my hair & deep conditioned as normal.  I didn't use anything but the styling treatment on my hair, no leave-in, no oils.  After sectioning in quarters, I applied a generous amount to each section.  I wasn't crazy about the smell, but it didn't linger on my hair after blowdrying.  The comb out had some glide, I had no tangles ( but I don't tend to have tangles anyways).  I proceeded to blowdry the sections & was impressed.  My hair just seemed almost silky, it just released the kinks & curls with little effort.  This was probably the fastest  & easiest blowdry I have done since being all natural.  Afterwards, I twisted my hair with a dab of the treatment. 

This is my twistout the next day:

I really liked the outcome and given our high humidity my hair didn't frizz out like it had been.  This product is a keeper for me....I can't wait to try it with a straighten!
P.S. I did go back & buy another bottle!