Sunday, September 4

Trying something different....

Trying something completely new for my hair tonight... To give some background on where it came from:
This natural at my job, her hair was just fierce Thursday!!!Big sexy to the utmost!!! I asked her what she did to get it like that, & she said hairspray. 'Hairspray? details girl!!!she gave me details and since i was planning on going out Saturday clubbing, I decide that would be the perfect setting for me to get me some big sexy hair!
  •  shampooed with Hair rules
  • conditioned with Hair rules
  • sectioned hair into 6 sections
  • detangled & twisted, here are some progress shots
  • left alone overnight
  • in morning undo one twist at a time
  • get Aussie hair spray out & blow dryer
  • finger out each twist & hit with hairspray
  • blowdry while stretching hair
  • continue with each twist
  • mine wasn't as big as my coworker, I think the hair needs to still be damp some to get the biggest effect and mine was completely dry in some sections
  • here's the outcome:

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