Tuesday, November 29

Baby it's cold outside

The cold is here.  No more hair being dry the next morning after washing at night.  No more sitting outside in the sun with a warm breeze....with a nice Patron triple citrus margarita to sip on....
Back to the days of washing and twisting my hair on Saturdays in order to be dry by Monday morning for work...Oh well. Bring on the leather boots, suede vests and shearling jackets!
These are some pics from a twistout I did with Devacurl, but I didn't loosen up the front, just sort of twisted it into a modified updo and used a clip...

Tuesday, November 1

Protective Styling

The summer is sadly over. The days of my hair being dry by morning are gone away...My hair is really depressed about this, got a bad case of SAD! Back to taking days to dry...
So, I have been protective styling for the last three weeks! I washed, deep conditioned and put my hair in twists and proceed to wear my half caps or a hat/cap EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past three weeks.
My new BHF from hairsisters.com:
Freetress Synthetic Drawstring Fullcap Celtic Girl