Monday, September 3

Sugarpie Cafe - my newest obsession

So sorry to my followers for not updating my hair blog as of late, I am trying to catch up and post more updates in the very near future. The reason for my absence is I have launched a business, Sugarpie Cafe, a food truck! This has taken almost all of my time the last 6-9 months. If you have a chance check out my website: I am also on Facebook & Twitter @sugarpiecafe! Anyways I promise more hair updates Coming soon!

Friday, July 6

Wen returned!

So I used the Wen for two weeks, wasn't impressed at all, so it was returned. I really liked the Fig smell. I really wanted it to work for my hair, the results on TV are impressive, it was kind of disappointing, even though I know all products don't work for all hair types. I did layer in some castor oil after the first usage, because my hair felt a bit crunchy once dry. As long as my hair was still damp, I actually liked it; but my hair just doesnt respond well to a full week of wash & go, a couple of days are the max before I start to get knots. I also felt a deeper conditioning is needed, more then just the Wen.

Tuesday, April 24


So I have been looking at the Wen demo forever! On QVC, on the infomercial....yep seems like forever LOL During our cold winter, I decided I would give it a try this spring, when the temps are warmer and my hair dries faster. So when I saw the special of the day last week on QVC was Wen, I jumped on it, got the Fig YEA! My week is crazy this week, so I probably won't get to try it out until the weekend. Did anyone else get the Wen special?