Monday, March 21

Bantu Knot Out Revisit

This week, I have decided to try the Bantu Knots again.  I really liked the outcome last time, even though I feel like I need to improve on my technique.  Regimen this week:
  • Shampooed with Giovanni 50/50
  • DC with Joico Moisturizing Balm with heat for 30 minutes
  • BWC for leave -in
  • Castor oil for sealing
  • Blowdried hair 75% dry
  • Applied Devacurl Set It Free to each section before doing knots (at bedtime I decided to sit under dryer for 30 minutes)
  • Undoing them the next morning, not 100% dry in several places:
    Ready to go:


  1. You have the prettiest hair accessories. Where do you shop if I may ask?

  2. Thanks yvonyvj! I get them all over, these particular ones are from Claire's.